Giving Back

URBAN-EQUESTRIAN Gladly pledges 2% of online sales to "Love this Horse" EQUINE RESCUE.

My dear friend Kristi Sindt Baker and I have been showing horses since we were kids - its just in our DNA - many moons have passed and the fire in our hearts still burns bright for all the equine stars we have known and loved. Kristi and her boundless compassion is always looking out for our equine friends that have not been as fortunate and for many reasons end up needing to be rescued. One day Kristi called saddened by the situation that one of the horses she knew had fallen into. She was then brightened by the fate of this lucky horse as he had been recognized and rescued by "LOVE THIS HORSE EQUINE RESCUE".

That is how URBAN-EQUESTRIAN "got woke" and wanted to help. It was no surprise to find out the people involved with "LTH" had the same compassion as Kristi and so we were hooked :-) We thought the best way to help was to not only give more exposure to this worthy cause - but hay - they need funds to feed all those new mouths before they find thier appropriate new homes. That is why you can see many of our handbags and jewelry on their online boutique and online fundraising auctions.

"Love This Horse, Equine Rescue Inc." is a horse rescue specializing in taking in forgotten, neglected and abused Arabian horses from law enforcement seizures, local animal shelters, distressed owners, and from low-end horse auctions.

They bring them into a safe and nurturing environment, where they are brought back to health are gentled and loved. When the horses are strong enough, they are evaluated by our trainers, and if possible, started or restarted for a new life as a riding horse.

They believe that every horse deserves a job and permanent adoptive home. Some of our horses become great trail, endurance riding, hunter/jumper, dressage or lesson horses. Others are destined to become therapy horses, helping kids and adults healing from their own deep wounds. We work hard to take care of these horses, all the while knowing that the horses are secretly taking care of us.

For more information about this amazing association, the hero's in charge, the beautiful horses they care for AND how to get involved check them out at