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Healthy Leather

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Healthy Leather -
Healthy Leather

Keep your leather healthy! This formula was originally developed by a Marine Corpse Veteran who spent a lifetime in the on horseback, working with all kinds of leather in all conditions. Made of natural ingredients - use the provided sponge to rub Healthy Leather" onto your Clean-Dry leather. 


“I used Healthy Leather on my 20 year old sofa and love seat and I couldn’t be more impressed. My furniture hasn’t looked this rich, polished and supple since it was new. You can actually feel the difference- with no waxy build up. Love this product!” Patricia Vara
“Healthy Leather is not only an amazing product, but a sustainable one too! It works so well! You don’t need to have boots in order to use it, you can use it on any leather. Love this brand and love this product.” Abbi Knox
“Fantastic stuff! This is definately my new go-to. It wasn’t greasy or heavy & didn’t leave a residue on my tack or my hands. My tack and boots looked better than new after just one use. Also amazing customer service and very fast shipping. I can’t recommend Healthy Leather enough!” Megan Paget-Brown
“I used this to condition a vintage 70’s leather coat and it worked beautifully. The coat was in good condition but the suppoleness and glow of the leather is back and looks better than new. I’ve also used it on a pair of loafers that I wear almost daily to work and they look like new. Thank you so much for having a product that is so easy and enjoyable to use!” Robyn Wells
  • 3oz of Healthy Leather
  • Applicator Sponge
  • Use on Saddles & Bridles
  • Use on Boots & Shoes
  • Use on Leather Furniture
  • Use on Leather Handbags
Healthy Leather -

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